CRC - Chatsworth, Durban


Christian Revival Center is a non-denominational church dedicated to raising up a new generation of Christians radically transformed by the power of the gospel.

Have  you been looking for a loving church where you are valued?  Join our leadership for some refreshments and a heart to heart chat. Come and attend our service and experience the Power of God first hand.




There is a tirade of scholarly criticism against the True Gospel of Christ.  So-called ‘learned men and women’ – professors who ply their scholastic trade – are finding fault with the basic beliefs of Christianity.  They scorn at the Virgin Birth, they mock the Crucifixion, they berate the Resurrection, they snicker at the concept of heaven and hell and they totally disbelieve the Second Coming of Christ! 

Seeing the need for a true, sound doctrine, current and formidable Bible teaching facility, Dr Paul together with Dr John N Chacha (Executive President of TeamworkBibleCollege – USA) established the above facility.  A highly-flexible and varied correspondence programme, geared to meet the needs of leaders, pastors and lay people was formulated.  These study modules are designed to provide many growing Christians with an opportunity for in depth at their own space, convenience and privacy.  The college offers the Certificate Diploma and Bachelor of Theology, Master & Doctorate Degrees. Through the networking with Dr Paul Lutchman is the Vice-Chancellor of this dynamic institution from the corridors of which have emerged over 5,000 graduates with credentials ranging from Certificate to Doctorate Degrees.  These ex and current students are serving the Lord faithfully in various capacities as Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders, Deacons and the like.

Dr John Cha Cha, Dr Paul Lutchman and Pastor Sigamoney Gopaul have impacted and are still transforming the lives of inmates of Westville Prison.  This empowerment is via the extended Theological Education programme.  The Prison Ministry is an extension of TBSA with Pastor Sigamoney as the overseer.  Inmates have been revolutionised and set free by the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some of them have since been released and are serving the Lord in their different communities.

The staff is hand-picked – carefully screened for doctrine and character and fulfil the highest academic qualifications.  They are faithful and have the fervent desire to impart the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of this thriving BibleCollege.



Jesus For Africa  Dr Paul Lutchman an ardent evangelist is, undoubtedly, spiritually consumed with an intense fervour to reach souls.  In 1987, “Jesus for Africa” a backbone for souls – in the Kingdom of God was launched.  “The Harvester,” a 10, 000 seater tent was purchased on JFA’s second stage and provided an impetus to extend  the Kingdom of Christ.  Dr Lutchman, a visionary, has the ability and determination to preach, reach, teach, captivate and motivate people all over Africa.

For almost three decades ‘Jesus For Africa’ has impacted communities throughout the regions of Southern Africa.  Millions have heard and thousands have responded to the undiluted  Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Enemy territory has been overrun as this crusade goes on a rampage against the infernal weaponry of hell.   Precious souls are being rescued for the Kingdom of our God by the dynamic witness of Dr Paul Lutchman, the “Man for the Hour.”  Just like Moses, the clarion call of this vibrant preacher is commanding satan to “Let my people go, in Jesus Name!”   Believers’ Convention in which the Church and its leadership at large are equipped and challenged for the last days ministry is an integral part of JFA.   We envisage a mighty harvest of souls as the imminent return of our Lord draws closer and closer.




This Community Centre Complex christened “Christian City” also houses a private school from Grade 0 up to Grade 12.  The year 1998 ushered in a major crisis within the education system.  Public schools were found to be waning, wanting and generally relegated to sub-standards in every department.   Schools  were struggling to adapt smoothly and effectively to transformation and change.  This downslide in education triggered the need for effective and efficient alternative education.  To this end, Dr Paul Lutchman founded KingswordAcademy collaboration with Pastor Steven Enoch (ex-chief inspector of schools) and Pastor Vivian Sarawan (present principal).  This institution now provides outstanding education with a Christian philosophy.

The students are adopting the Godly principles of KingswordAcademy and excel in its scriptural doctrines which are watertight and tamper-proofed by the Holy Spirit!  Moreover, the intention is that the knowledge that these learners have accumulated would be transformed into wisdom and that it would find application in the world’s marketplace and that God would grant them the opportunities to make an indelible mark wherever your careers may lead…even across the oceans!

The staff and admin department are to be thanked for their dedication, sacrifice, loyalty and tremendous input.  Education with a Christian genre, shapes our philosophy of life and cultivates a lifestyle governed by divine principles and not by cultural, racial or national standards.  Thank God for the spiritual, faithful and knowledgeable teachers on the staff of KingswordAcademy.

During its 12 year existence the students have excelled beyond expectations.  First-class passes, impeccable discipline and community builders have manifested from within its ranks.