CRC - Chatsworth, Durban


The Visionary

A dramatic turning point occurred in the young life of Dr Paul Lutchman’s which radically changed the pattern of his biography.  At a humble and simple cottage prayer meeting, at the tender age of sixteen, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.  That very same night he was commissioned by the Lord to, “Go and set my people free!”

Armed only with enthusiasm and an undying passion for souls, this young go-getter, hailing from a background of a staunch Hindu family, unlearned in Christian worship and unschooled in the disciplines and dynamics of preaching, began a rampant ministry that was trail-blazer to other young men of like passion.

From violent street junctions to overcrowded beach rallies, from dilapidated halls to overcrowded buses and trains, the Word of God was proclaimed fearlessly and unashamedly.  Critics and agnostics failed to fizzle out the effervescence of the excitement to witness the rebirth of Hindus and Muslims as they came to the altar in their droves.  Soul winning became his unction and, indeed, soul winning became his function.

Dr Paul Lutchman is truly blessed to have his wife, Pastor Isabel, his helpmate by his side in all of his globe-trotting ventures.  She has an anointed ministry in Praise and Worship, Seminars and Spiritual Camps.  Their children and their in-laws, together with their grandchildren are very supportive in the ministry.  Future projects include an Old-Age Home, Camps, Orphanage and a Clinic.


Historical Anyalysis

 January 1984 witnessed the launch of the flagship church “Christian Revival Centre (Chatsworth).”  Divine guidance enabled Dr Paul Lutchman to establish this fledgling church in a classroom at Marklands Primary (Shallcross) with a paltry gathering of 18 members.  Little did anyone realise that this ‘small band of Believers’ would mushroom into one of the most vibrant and colossal Kingdom ventures in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Within the same year, a 14 acre land was purchased in September (1984) and a 1,000-seater tent erected at 100 Lilac Road, Crossmoor, Chatsworth.  Thereafter, the procurement of a further 14 acres (adjoining land) swelled the total acquired acreage to the tune of 28 acres.  Today, this site boasts a massive multi-purpose Skills Training Complex valued at R15 million.  The hall has a capacity to comfortably seat 1,500 people.  It is used primarily for weddings and receptions, birthdays and anniversary celebrations.

Phenomenal Church Growth 

CRC- Auditorium

CRC- Auditorium

From the cradle, church growth and soul winning became the slogan of this emerging giant ministry.  The church spiralled upwards and Faith Centre in Chatsworth was acquired to house the crowds that were hungry to hear the Word of God being preached with great vigour and passionate conviction.  This edifice as well proved to be insufficient to meet the needs of a rampant developing church.

The latest building accomplishment was the completion of the new complex, completed at a cost of approximately R2.8 million.  The building is truly a multi-faceted centre.

  • The ground floor has a hall that accommodates all types of lectures and seminars.  It is also used as an exclusive venue for functions that require catering.
  • The first floor houses the administration of Christian Revival Centre and its conglomerate of churches and its departments.
  • The second floor is the headquarters and training centre for TeamworkBibleCollege.
  • The third floor constitutes the Children’s Church on Sundays and the Youth Centre on Friday nights.  Adjoining this hall is the Prayer Chapel and Counselling Centre.

The revamped edifice now seats 2,800 worshippers.  God has truly placed His stamp of approval in this ministry by rapidly increasing attendance.  The two Sunday Morning worship services at 7:00 am and 9:30 am accommodate 5,000 worshippers every week.  Apart from the normal administration, there are 12 heads of department, 50 elders, 10 full-time missionaries and a workforce of 400 under-girding the Setman, Dr Paul.  He has established well over a hundred churches in Southern Africa and the Indian OceanIslands.  He also networks with several hundreds of churches in India, USA, UK and Australia.