Mentoring Program

CRC - Chatsworth, Durban



mentoring-wordle-for-websiteMentoring is an effective way to provide professional development and to enhance learning for members of Christian Revival Centre. The mentoring relationship is a special relationship built on trust, encouragement, and targeted development.  A mentor is a teacher, coach, and advisor who provide guidance and opportunities for learning and professional growth to another member of CRC or its affiliates.


Our Mentoring Program is a 12-month program that provides a series of developmental experiences for a number of carefully matched mentoring pairs. The primary goal of the relationship is the professional growth and development especially with regard to future management and leadership.  Through the mentoring relationship, the mentor has the opportunity to coach, guide and share experiences and knowledge which will contribute to the Protégé’s growth. Mentoring opportunities will vary according to the needs and interests of the Protégé. Mentoring relationships require time, commitment, and clear plans of action.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Christian Revival Centre’s Mentoring Program is to empower youth in our church and community to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their personal potential.


Vision Statement

Christian Revival Centre’s Mentoring Program envisions a community in which every youth experiences nurturing one-to-one relationships and community support, which in turn allows each of them to develop into their full potential, capable of making informed, responsible decisions as involved members of our church and community.


 Program Advisory Board / Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator oversees the development and implementation of the youth mentoring program, which matches adult volunteer mentors with youth in a one-to-one relationship. The Program Coordinator ensures program quality and performance related to recruiting, screening, matching, monitoring, and closing the relationship with the mentor and child, and communicates with the mentor, parent/guardian, and child throughout the relationship. Reporting to the executive director, the Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the mentoring program, and will carry out the responsibilities of the position as defined below:


Functions & Duties:

stand_as_one_logo• Create and oversee implementation of an ongoing mentor recruitment plan, including development of an annual recruitment and quarterly activity plans, development and distribution of program marketing materials, presentations to targeted organizations, and ensuring a presence at key community events, etc.

• Perform and oversee participant screening, training, matching, support and supervision, recognition, and closure activities

• Develop and manage relationships with schools, training centers, and community-based organizations

• Build a strong working relationship with our mentoring program advisory board

• Oversee inquiry and orientation process to ensure excellent public relations

• Manage the planning and implementation of mentor/mentee group events

• Plan and implement recognition activities for program participants

• Maintain and update the program’s policy and procedure manual as needed

• Oversee program evaluation activities

•  Supervise mentoring program staff

• Attend conferences to increase knowledge of mentoring program and best practices

• Complete other duties and activities as needed.


 Recruitment Policy

mentoringIt is the policy of the Christian Revival Centre’s Mentoring Program that there be ongoing recruitment activities for new mentors. As such, an Annual Recruitment Plan will be developed and will include recruitment goals, strategies to achieve those goals, an annual timeline, and budgetary implications. This plan will be kept current with any ongoing adjustments. Additionally, a detailed Quarterly Recruitment Activity Plan will outline specific tasks and activities.


The program coordinator assumes lead responsibility for the recruitment of new mentors. Other mentoring program staff, the executive director, and advisory board members will support the program coordinator in these activities as required.