Profile of Dr. Paul Lutchman

CRC - Chatsworth, Durban




dr-paul-lutchmanUpon his founding of Christian Revival Centre three decades ago, Dr Paul pioneered a new-fangled approach to church administration that has become the hallmark for other like-minded leaders to follow. The dynamic church’s phenomenal growth under the able leadership of Dr Paul now enjoys a multi-million rand facelift venture.  In the interim CRC began its vast conglomeration of churches which now stands on close to 100 in South Africa alone with a national membership of 50,000 members.  CRC’s tentacles have even reached to the IndiaOceanIslands where a thriving brand of Christianity is taking the islands by storm!



jfa-logoHonoured as the ‘Evangelist of the Decade’ in 2000AD, Dr Paul pursued his favourite Kingdom ministry of soul-winning from the early age of sixteen  At street corners, on beaches as depicted above and in halls and crowded buses and trains the Gospel was dispensed with great excitement and passion.   With the New Harvester (10,000 seater tent) adding further momentum to the tent ministry, untold millions of people heard and millions responded to the message of salvation and hope in South Africa and adjoining countries of Africa.  Jesus For Africa has now diversified into a holistic ministry where free medical treatment, social help desks and a public feeding campaign after community sweeping marches have become the new order of the day.   






kingsword-academyConcerned over the moral degradation and the down-surge in education Dr Paul chartered KingswordAcademy – a secular school with a Christian culture.  This much needed educational centre has produced students who are excelling in sporting codes and making waves in the educational domain.





logo-tbcfnIn the training and discipleship arenas, Teamwork Bible CollegeSouth Africa under the chancellorship of Dr Paul Lutchman, has a population of some 1500 students in South Africa and the Indian OceanIslands. Its prison ministry is changing the lives of inmates who are making restitution and becoming responsible citizens upon their release. This indispensable learning centre is now operating for more than a decade and still making giant strides in Biblical studies.   Thus far, 13,000 students have graduated since its inception.



The newest acquisition is the pristine resort on the East Coast of South Africa.  This conference centre with a difference is established to provide a Christian atmosphere in a holiday setting.  All amenities for shopping as well as recreational are catered for.  For an unforgettable experience in our Rainbow Nation make a pilgrimage to our resort which will be the highlight of your visit to our Rainbow Nation.