Help in Action

CRC - Chatsworth, Durban

This charitable arm of the church has the mammoth task of providing food hampers and clothing to the needy and underprivileged.  With the global village in financial disarray, the task of charitable operations has become formidable and growing more difficult day by day.  We thank the Lord that only by His grace alone that we are able to meet the needs of over 200 families in our communities and beyond.  The plight of our unemployed has worsened and more people are turning to the church as their main source of sustenance.  We are in dire need of more funds and more volunteers to help alleviate the hunger of more desperate people.


We envisage spearheading fund-raising drives to rake in finances and items to meet the expected down-surge in economics at the end of the FIFA World Cup.  Innovative ideas and solutions are welcome as we stand together against poverty, abuse and the cold in winter.  Please feel free to contact our church to make an appointment to volunteer whatever service you are desirous of rendering.