Mens Fellowship

CRC - Chatsworth, Durban

Our exclusive department is geared to serve the needs, fulfil the aspirations and render the empowerment of men in our circle of influence.  We believe that the Lord has a special place for the male gender in the home, in the community and in the nation.  All too often the role of being the high priest in the home, the community leader and the nation’s power drivers have been dumped on the garbage heap of irresponsibility, substance abuse and lack of initiative.  Jesus Christ came more than 2000 years ago to give us life abundant.  This means that we are to rise above circumstances that have been placed in our life’s path by the enemy of our souls.


At our meetings we have a diversified programme where recreation, leisure trips, instructional and motivational speakers and fun-activities are organised to bring holistic development to our men.  We believe that the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the man need to be addressed in our Christian walk with Christ.  Men, feel free to call on us and/or join this vibrant department in our church.